What to Consider When Fulfilling Pledges

The fundraising portion of your crowdfunding campaign is over and you’ve reached your funding goal – congrats! Now it’s time to start fulfilling your pledges. 

Before you get started, there are a few important questions to ask yourself.

Do I Want To Sell Add-Ons Or Upsells In My Backer Survey? 

Add-on’s are a great way to earn more money even after your campaign is over. Offer your backers exclusive accessories that they can only access through your backer survey. This can encourage backers to spend more and increase the average pledge value per backer.

Since most campaigns only last 30-60 days, creators only have a limited time to raise funds for their project. Some backers can be hesitant to pledge to a higher reward tier because they’re not sure if the project will be successful after it gets funded. Allowing upgrades in the post-campaign survey will give your backers the chance to change their mind as the project gets closer to fulfillment. 

How Do I Want To Fulfill Pledges? 

When you’re running a crowdfunding campaign, you want anyone to be able to support your vision and get their reward in return, no matter where they live. This is why it’s important to ask yourself how you’re going to handle shipping – will you be taking care of it all yourself, or outsourcing to third-party logistics providers (3PLs)? 

It’s quite common for creators to undercharge or overcharge for shipping, so it’s important to be upfront with them to maintain a positive relationship. A comprehensive Pledge Manager will be able to account for over or under charging on shipping and automatically apply a credit to backers for overcharging so they can put it toward add-ons. 

If you choose to use a 3PL, Kickbooster’s Pledge Manager will sync reward inventory through your online store. Pledge Manager will automatically create an order on your ecommerce store when a backer completes a survey, allowing you to manage your crowdfunding orders with the rest of your business. 

Do I Plan To Move Into Ecommerce After Crowdfunding? 

If you’ve launched your crowdfunding campaign and have seen promising results, the natural next step for most is to move into a typical online retail arrangement. It’s important to decide whether you are moving to ecommerce before you start fulfilling your pledges. Making this decision early on will consolidate your workload considerably. Any good Pledge Management software will sync your survey with your new ecommerce store, so if you know that’s the direction you’re going to move, then you’ll only have to set up your ecommerce store once. 

There is a lot to consider should you choose to move into ecommerce, but the first step is choosing your platform. There are many great platforms out there, but by choosing one that integrates with your pledge management software, you can cut your workload in half and make the transition much easier. Kickbooster’s Pledge Manager allows users to pull products from your store into your survey, so you only have to set up your products and fulfillment logistics once. 

The Benefits Of Pushing Pledges As Orders In Your New Store

If you plan on moving into ecommerce and have set up a store, it’s time to send out your backer survey. Your pledge fulfillment process will be simpler and more streamlined now that you can push out pledges directly through your ecommerce store. 

You can now pull products directly from your store into your survey, and leverage your order management and fulfillment tools. 

A process that can oftentimes be time consuming and overwhelming for many crowdfunding creators can be simplified by asking yourself some important questions early on and thinking ahead. Setting up an ecommerce store and connecting it with your pledge manager to push out orders is the best way to seamlessly transition from crowdfunding to ecommerce success. 

To learn more about How To Go From Crowdfunding to Ecommerce, join us for our webinar with Westmount Solutions on September 30, 2021. We will be discussing topics like:

- What to consider with Pledge Management

- How to choose an ecommerce platform

- How to tie your crowdfunding campaign to your ecommerce store.

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