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MELLA: All-In-One Clock

$3,490.00 raised through Kickbooster.

A modern children's clock and sleep trainer designed especially for parents who miss sleeping in!

MELLA: All-In-One Clock To Keep Your Kid in Bed Longer raised $55,891.00 through their Kickstarter campaign. They used Kickbooster to raise an additional $3,490.00 bringing in a campaign total of $59,381.00.

"Vanessa at Kickbooster was super responsive and helpful from the beginning. She immediately spread the word about MELLA and looked for super boosters when we launched and got us great press coverage including Mashable! I was blown away by the service I received given that there were no upfront flat fees to use Kickbooster. Your site gave us an easy built-in referral program that we could easily implement and let our backers and PR know about/participate."

81 Boosters

63 Referrals

10% Commission

18x ROI

37.3K Campaign Views

$3.5K Total Raised