Buildhypeas you prepare for launch

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Create a pre-launch page to begin collecting email addresses and start building the hype for your upcoming product launch.

Get setup in minutes

Easily customize one of our beautiful themes and get your page up and running in no time.

No coding required

Fill in text fields and add your own images without needing to write a single line of code.

Everything in one place

Have one simple page for all your campaign information to share in ads, emails, and social posts.

Momentum is made

Use your pre-launch page to build a community of supporters who are eager to pledge to your campaign when it goes live.

Pick your design

Customize your design

Select one of our simple and beautiful templates to use and customize it with your own text, photos, and colors.
Kickbooster countdown timer

Count down in real time

Add your campaign launch date to have a countdown timer building hype on your page in real time.
Kickbooster dashboard

Track success in your dashboard

Access and export the email addresses you collect, and monitor your landing page’s performance in your personal dashboard.

It’s simple. It’s easy. It works.

Your pre-launch landing page shouldn’t be complicated. Go back to basics and be up and running in minutes.