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Kickbooster is the first and only tool made specifically for crowdfunders to manage their affiliate, referral, and influencer network all in one place.

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Affiliate marketing for crowdfunding

Affiliate marketing (sometimes called referral marketing or influencer marketing) is a sales and marketing strategy where you, the creator, encourage your backers, media partners, and brand advocates to refer their network to your crowdfunding campaign in exchange for a reward when that referral leads to a pledge.

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The most cost-effective way to reach your funding goal

Kickbooster helps creators run and manage their affiliate, referral, and influencer marketing programs all in one integrated platform. Our platform allows you to focus on building relationships with brand ambassadors, while we take care of the tracking, validating, reporting and commission management.

Tap into new audiences

Feature your store on Kickbooster’s Marketplace and expand your reach to our referral network of affiliates, influencers, and media partners.

Offer custom rewards

Customize your referral program to suit your needs and attract the right affiliates. Choose the commission rate, the source tracking period, and much more.

Automate your referral program

Let Kickbooster handle the tracking, referral validation, and commission payouts while you focus on building relationships with your brand ambassadors and running your crowdfunding campaign.

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per campaign

More eyeballs on your campaign

On average, campaigns using Kickbooster get between 3,000 and 4,000 visitors sent directly to their campaign through Booster links.

average cost per click
116x more
13.5x more
15x more
15x more

* Based on 3 month subscription fee

More bang for your buck

Not only is Kickbooster the only affiliate tool designed specifically to help crowdfunding campaign creators reach their funding goal, but with an average of $0.02 per click, Kickbooster is by far the most affordable way to drive traffic to your campaign.

* Based on 3,500 visitors and 3 months subscription fees.

Commission payouts not included.

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More support & reach

Kickbooster has a community of over 30,000 Boosters. While inviting affiliates to participate in your referral program is ultimately up to you, Kickbooster’s Marketplace is a great way to promote your referral program and get in front of an already captive audience.