Take yourideafrom crowdfunding to eCommerce

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Generate leads

Maximize your launch-day success by building an email list of prospective backers before you go live. Design a custom landing page in minutes to ensure your fans are kept in the loop about your upcoming campaign.

Live campaign

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Build an army of advocates

Motivate publishers, bloggers, influencers, and fans to promote your campaign to their network. Automatically track, validate, and reward referred pledges through custom affiliate links.

Post campaign

Manage your backers' pledges

Make pledge management simple for you and your backers by connecting directly to your eCommerce store. Sell add-ons and upgrades to your backers to continue raising funds post-campaign.


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Turn your customers into promoters

Drive more sales and build your customer base through an eCommerce referral marketing program. Offer store credit or cash rewards for referred sales.

From the excitement of pre-launch to the satisfaction of sales, we’ve got you covered with tools designed to help you raise more and manage less.